Affiliate Program

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You can earn money by referring others to Create More Media products and services – currently, anything we sell at Simple Scrapper – via a customized affiliate link.

Our standard affiliate commission is 30%, which includes the Everyday Storyteller eBooks and all other digital products and classes. The Premium Membership has a commission of $7 on the first payment. Any product-specific rates will be listed below.

  • New Members – $7
  • eBooks, Events, Classes – 30%

Note: Everyday Storyteller print books are now sold through Amazon. You can sign up for their affiliate program to earn commission on purchases.

The affiliate system grants commissions based on the last person to refer the customer. Information is tracked for 90 days, so a referral now can generate a commission later. Commissions are manually approved and will not appear in your account immediately. Payments are made the first week of each month.

How to Sign Up

It’s easy to become an affiliate and begin earning commissions. Click here to sign up for an account. Do you already have an account? Log in.

Please Note: The form asks for your Social Security number. This is not required but may be requested in the future if needed for tax purposes.

Affiliate Center Tour

This short videos provides a tour of the key areas in your affiliate center.

Ways to Promote

You can share information about Create More Media products and services anywhere you can post a link or an image. You do not have to use the images provided and may create custom links to any part of our sites. Here are some examples of places you can promote:

  • Blog
  • Email newsletter
  • Facebook walls, pages & groups
  • Twitter
  • Forums (where allowed)

Tips & Techniques

How to Share an Affiliate Banner on Your Facebook Page

1. Find the banner HTML code in your affiliate account.
2. Use a URL shortener like to shorten your affiliate link part of the HTML. Save this for later.
3. Copy the affiliate banner file location to a web browser window or tab. Download the graphic to your hard drive.
4. Open up the Facebook Page for your business.
5. Click Photo/Video.
6. Select Attach Photo/Video.
7. Click Choose File and browse to the banner graphic on your hard drive. Do not press Post yet.
8. In the text box area type a message about the promotion.
9. Paste the shortened link you created earlier.
10. Press Post or schedule it for later.

An example of posting an image with affiliate link on Facebook page.

How to Create a Custom Affiliate Link

1. Log in to the affiliate center at
2. Look for the “Custom Tracking Links” section in the left menu
3. Click on “Alternate Incoming Page Links”
4. Use Option 1 to enter a destination URL and create an affiliate link